Photogrammetric processing and classification of wreckage of the HMS Investigator - Mercy Bay, NWT.

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Photogrammetric processing and pixel based classification of ship wreckage in NWT

A request for a high resolution orthophoto came from Henry Carey, a former Parks Canada archaeologist. Henry collected aerial photography with a large sensor DSLR from a helicopter during a field visit in 2013.The helicopter flew transects to collect the imagery A photogrammetric model and basemap were create using Agisoft Photoscan. Archaeological material was identified using nearest neighbour classificaiton (Geomatica Focus). A vector shapefile output could then be used by archaeologist to gather additional site data. A DSM and Contour lines were also generated from the pointcloud, helping to identify microtopographical features.

  • Photogrammetric processing
  • Pixel based classification
  • Statisitcal analysis
  • eCognition for object oriented classification
  • Geostatistics, accuracy assessments, and spatial analysis

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