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    Helicopter based UAV survey in Norman Wells NWT

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    Helicopter based UAV survey in Norman Wells NWT


    Object based feature extraction of coniferous seedlings in Alberta

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    Object based feature extraction of coniferous seedlings in Alberta

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    Photogrammetric processing and classification of wreckage of the HMS Investigator - Mercy Bay, NWT.

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    Predictive Modelling of Archaeological Resources in British Columbia

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    UAV based Remote Sensing of vegetation, from flight planning/automation and UAV operations to image analysis and processing automation.


    Master's degree in Geographic Information Systems and four years experience with various in GIS and Remote Sensing of vegetation.


    Employed as a GIS/RS Analyst for a remote sensing firm in the San Francisco Bay area - primarily engaged in precision agriculture.
    Developer/CEO of UAV Regulatory Services Inc. (BOD) and EasySFOC.
    Founder Corvis Aerial.

Core Areas:

    Python and web development, Photogrammetric processing, UAV and field operations.

    UAV experience includes:
    • Projects in Alberta, British Columbia and Northwest Territories
    • Standing SFOC and Part 107 pilot
    • Safe operation of 250+ flights
    • Ground school certificate
    • UAV customization, sensor integration, programming
    • 3D printing and editing

    Development experience includes:
    • Advanced knowledge in automating photogrammetric processing of aerial imagery with Agisoft PhotoScan (Python API, command line)
    • Python, Arcpy/ArcGIS, HTML, CSS, PHP, GeoPandas etc.
    • Online platform development for customer interaction
    • ArcGIS, Arcpy, Google Maps Api, PhotoScan Python API, Stripe API, AWS, ENVI
    • GeoDatabase development, SQL

    Image Analysis:
    • Multispectral and thermal imagery from UAV, manned aircraft and satellite
    • Geostatistics, accuracy assessments, and spatial analyses
    • LIDAR and photogrammetric data
    • eCognition for object oriented classification
    • Pointcloud and 3D model editing and metric extraction

    Business experience includes:
    • Founded two startups focusing on new applications for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
    • Co-founded Corvis Aerial Inc, a UAV survey company ( Corvis Aerial Inc)
    • Founded EasySFOC and had a successful one year exit, acquired by a publicly traded company (CSE)
    • Developed and currently co-managing UAV Regulatory Services Inc., subsidiary of Global UAV Technologies
    • Web devopment and site management for www.globaluavlease.com
    • Product development, web development, marketing

About Me

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My Ethic

I believe that a balance of professionalism, hard work and creativity produces quality work. I take pride in creating efficient and innovative GIS solutions to old problems.


Download my current resume here

Download a list of addition certifications here


UAV Regulatory

We offer UAV Regulatory consulting through UAV Regulatory Services and EasySFOC, an online platform for simplifying the SFOC application process. Based in Vancouver, UAV Regulatory Services is a subsidiary of Global UAV Technologies.

Contact for the following services:
  • SFOC applications
  • Compliance questions
  • Operations manuals, support forms
  • Airspace coordination procedures
  • Insurance and ground school training

UAV Survey

Corey offers independent GIS and Remote Sensing consulting, programming and data processing services. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) survey, photogrammetric modelling, mapping and other services are available through Corvis Aerial Inc., a small Calgary based company specializing in resource based UAV/UAS solutions.

Contact for the following services:
  • General GIS tasks
  • Photogrammetric processing
  • Data mining
  • Classification and regression modelling
  • Map production
  • Aerial survey
  • LIDAR data processing

Skill Set

  • ArcGIS Desktop
  • Python Programming
  • Flight operations
  • Photogrammetry
  • UAV/UAS Operations (Rotary Style)

Cartographic examples

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